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The Fifth International School in Jewish Studies “Home, Belonging and Exile: Sepharad and Beyond” will take place between May 27 and June 3 in Madrid and Toledo. More information

The course “De «cristianos nuevos» a «judíos nuevos»: La Diáspora de los sefardíes occidentales”, by Prof. Yosef Kaplan (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) has been postponed. We will announce soon the new schedule.

Former J-Med 2016 grant researcher, Dr Tiago Moita, has published his book “El libro hebreo iluminado en Portugal en la Edad Media (siglos XIII-XV)”.
More information on Moita’s research

Seminar “Medieval and Early Modern Conceptions of the Jewish Library”, by Prof. Avriel Bar-Levav (Open University of Israel). December 13, 2021. (Video available)

Watch now the video of the guided tour “Una mirada al ayer de los judíos de Madrid: Los Bauer y Las luminarias de Hanukah de Cansinos-Assens”. Semana de la Ciencia (CCHS-CSIC), November 12, 2021.

Former J-Med 2018 grant researcher, Dr Marta Kacprzak, has successfully defended her doctoral thesis on the “Sephardi aljamiado versions of the life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe” at the University of Warsaw. More information on Kacprzak’s research


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